About EIM

EIM Capital is a private equity investment manager with offices in Mexico City and Dallas, Texas. EIM Capital, short for Energy and Infrastructure Mexico Capital, was founded in anticipation of Mexico┬┤s historic Constitutional Reform of 2013. Our purpose and motivation is to foment growth, economic development, and prosperity, by attracting and working with global institutional investors to find investment opportunities.

Our Vision

EIM Capital┬┤s vision is to become a trusted global investment platform focused on consistently delivering first-quartile risk adjusted returns.

Investment approach

We believe that the best investments opportunities are identified early in their lifetimes. We invest in, guide, and sometimes actively manage these opportunities through the early stages of definition and value creation until they are institutional-investment worthy.

We begin our investment process, by identifying long term macroeconomic tendencies or structural inefficiencies to pinpoint where the best opportunities will likely arise. Simultaneously, we also take a long term approach to risk by analyzing political and relevant geopolitical trends. We understand the unpredictability and inevitability of economic, social, and market shocks and therefore plan, address and mitigate in order to create structures that will withstand and may even thrive under adverse conditions.

Our senior investment team conducts the initial screening of all investments for an attractive risk-return profile, as well as for ethical and social impact.

Our primary strength is negotiating partnerships that first and foremost protect investor capital, but that also generate attractive conditions for all parties involved. We achieve this by viewing each investment as a long term partnership, and focusing on ways, either through ourselves or our global partnerships, in which we can generate additional and often significant value.


We actively seek new lasting partnerships. To both our international and local partners, we are a reliable source of regional strength and knowledge. We provide a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals and advisors that fully support each investment. We help institutionalize family-owned companies or projects by implementing best practices, securing efficient equity and debt financing and attracting global operational partners. We enter partnerships where we are a clear source of value creation and most importantly where we share similar values.